GeMMa (Gender and Media Matters) is a Research Unit of the Department of Communication and Social Research of Sapienza, University of Rome. It was launched in 2010 to acknowledge the growing relevance and complexity of the nexus gender and media in nowadays society, which is witnessing both an unprecedented expansion of the media landscape and the spread of discourses and practices that problematize and call the long-held gender binarism into question. As this field of inquiry was somewhat overlooked in Italy in early 2000s, the launch of GeMMa was also meant to refocus scholarly attention on the role of media as key-definers of gender identities. GeMMa major aim is researching and analysing the politics of gender representations in the peculiar conditions of the contemporary ‘manifold media’ environment, following an approach that is conducive to exploring – besides reproductions of crystallized conceptions and stereotypes – the potential of media discourses for innovation and change in cultural constructions of gender. In the tradition of feminist media studies, depictions of femininities hold higher position in the research agenda. Furthermore, the Research Unit organizes meetings and seminars in which gender and media issues are addressed and discussed.

GeMMa has been included among the good practices in the ‘training and education’ area of the AGEMI (Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industry) platform. Available at the following link: